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TnT Summer Reading Program

(Unless otherwise stated, all summer reading programs for the teens will be held on
Tuesdays from 3:00pm-5:00pm)

For the 2016 TnT Summer Reading Program the theme is "Geek Games"

Link to the log book and book recommendations is here TnT Summer Read 2016

In order to prep for the Geek Games, we are having individual goals and group goals for pages read this summer starting May 1. 
Monthly Themes:

May: Healthy bodies
June: Healthy eating habits
July: Healthy minds
August: Geek Games

May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31: Healthy Bodies
Dance, yoga, Zumba, and much more!

June 7, 14, 21, 28: Healthy Eating Habits
Smoothies, balanced eating, healthy food taste test, name that vegetable/fruit taste test, tasting color

July 12, 26: Healthy Minds
Trivia, puzzle relays, mystery in the library, and much more
IMPORTANT: NO TnT on July 5 or 19! Ask Jenelle for details

August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30: Geek Games
​Time to take everything you learned and prepared for. Let the games begin!

Goals: Individuals can set their personal summer reading goals. (Personal goal must be over 400 pages read to be eligible for group prizes.)

Group goals:
Every 5,000 pages read earns the group a special prize.
After 30,000 pages read, it becomes every 10,000 pages read will earn the group a prize.

If 1,000,000 pages are read this summer, Jenelle will be silly stringed by the TnT Summer Reading group.

Possible group goals and rewards:

5,000 pages read: candy GOAL REACHED!
10,000 pages read: Movie Day GOAL REACHED!
15,000 pages read: popsicles GOAL REACHED!
20,000 pages read: water balloon toss GOAL REACHED!
25,000 pages read: Game day of your choice GOAL REACHED!
30,000 pages read: Jenelle has to lip sync to a song of the teens' choice (within reason) GOAL REACHED
40,000 pages read: Jenelle has to do a dare from the dare ball  GOAL REACHED!
50,000 pages read: Photobooth session GOAL REACHED!
60,000 pages read: Grab bag party packs GOAL REACHED!
70,000 pages read: Foreign carnival games​  GOAL REACHED!
80,000 pages read: Piñata Party   GOAL REACHED!
90,000 pages read: Facepainting
100,000 pages read: Pizza Party
250,000 pages read: Ice Cream Party
500,000 pages read: Foreign candy day
750,000 pages read: Jenelle has to dress up in a costume of the teens' choice (within reason)
1,000,000 pages read: Silly string Jenelle

For more information contact: or 419-592-2531